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The Combo EasyBuild Web site Builder can be a lot of fun. Let your creative flair take you to new  experiences and see them take shape right in front of you on the web. Always remember though it is results you want and keep to a simple natural flow of information.  Easy consistent navigation. There is a certain expectation when people visit your web site of where they expect to find things. Stay within these boundaries if you want visitors to stay on your site.A lot of hard earned money  can be wasted on web site design that neither reaches its target market or  brings results.  Design and layout is very important. Keep It Simple. Keep It Informative. Clean fresh, informative and above all, easy to navigate. Leading the visitor to your shopping cart or to make a booking or a positive enquiry about what you offer.

Getting Started

First of all. The world want stop turning if you make a mistake. It is so easy to edit, delete or start again and no harm is done. We are only an email away when help is needed. So if you have never done anything like this before, logon, open your web site builder and start experimenting and creating. If you get stuck, simply email me your questions. First of all do a several very small edits to start with and after each edit, have a look at your web page online and see the changes you have just made. Don't forget to refresh your webpage each time you look.

Uploading Images.

First make sure your images are in JPEG or JPG  format. Have them on your desktop or somewhere that is easy to navigate to. If you have more than 5 or 6 pix to upload it is a good idea to start by making some folders and keep your pix organised by category in folders. Click the browse button to go to your photo or picture selection you have chosen for your web pages and start uploading to your picture folders on the page editor.

Placing Your Pics

First, always follow instructions and DOUBLE CLICK THE IMAGE. Drag and drop your pix onto the page you are creating or editing to approximately where you would like it appear.  THEN  make sure the pix is selected, click on the wee picture icon in the tool bar, click on appearance, choose where you would like the pix to go (left, right, centre etc.) size it, and save. Now  take on online look at your website and see what you have just created!

Information and Page Layout

Use plenty of Headings and Sub Headings. People like to scan a page first when they are on the web and read the bits that are important to them first. IMPORTANT; Always, always. Use the same font colour, size and type for all your Headings and Sub Headings. Keep paragraphs short and cover only one subject under each heading. Rather than have to many subjects on one long page, have a separate page covering different specific subjects. e.g.; Instead of having Accommodation. Things to See and Do. About Us, all on one page. Create a separate page for each. Have an easy natural flow to the information that is presented. Then make sure your navigation follows the same pattern. All critical paths should have one persuasive purpose. To make it irresistible, easy and secure for the visitor to make an enquiry, a booking, or a purchase before leaving your website.

Meta Title

Maximum 70 characters long.

This is your page title. It simply needs to contain some good key words and reflect the page purpose and content.

Meta Description

Maximum 155 characters long. This needs to be in a readable, sensible sentence format, using as many keywords as possible.  The meta tag or description should be about this one web page only. Not the whole web site. It should describe with as many keywords as possible, what this particular page is about. This is what many search engines will present when listing your web site as a search result. The meta description should be a maximum of 155 characters in total.

Key Words

Before adding any keywords ... STOP AND FOCUS on the purpose of this one webpage. Blockout every other webpage of the website and just focus on this one page.

Then add just 2 keywords or key phrases. 

Now leave this webpage for 2 weeks, then come back and read the entire webpage and review your chosen keywords and see if they are the most relevant keywords/phrases you can think of.

If you are satisfied they are ... THEN

NOW ... You can put in as many keywords, singular and as many keyword phrases as you can. Key phrase (2- 5 keywords) separated by a comer. People are much more search savvy now and tend to use phrases rather than words. Make sure as many of your phrases and keywords as possible are also used on the web page and meta description. A search engine will take notice of the relevance between all three.

Give us your feed back. We love your comments and questions.
It also helps us achieve CONTINUAL IMPROVEMENT!

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