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Combo PayWay is an approved secure payment gateway system available to clients of Combo Marketing Limited only. Payway allows you (our Clients only) access to a secure server to pay your accounts to us by credit card direct online. It also provides a gateway for you (our Clients only) to have available a payway system for your customers to accept CC payments via your website through your Combo Account. Shopping and booking online has become a large and integral part of the internet today, but it comes with its own risks and responsibilities. Caution and care is needed to avoid the traps and pitfalls of online trading fraud. With common sense and care most can be avoided. We do not store credit card information. All transactions are encrypted for security.

It is up to each individual and business owner therefore to accept responsibility for each and every transaction relating to their business. Including any training for staff or managers. 

By using Combo Marketing  PayWay Systems you agree to use this service excusively according to these terms and conditions.


We... Combo Marketing Ltd

Offer Payway as a service to our clients only. We are not and do not, operate as a bank. It is offered without guarantee of the validity or integrity of any CC payment processed through this service. All Credit Cards are owned by the CC issuer (Bank) and payment can be honoured, dishonoured or charged back at anytime at their (the CC issuers) discretion. Any questions or dispute arising from transactions, charge backs, or the value, quality or supply of goods or services must be dealt with between the buyer and seller. Combo Marketing Ltd will not undertake an arbitration role in a transaction dispute arising from the the suppy of your goods or services. Combo Marketing offers a transaction service only. Any charge backs processed by the banks will be immediately reflected on your account and you will be notified of the specific transaction involved and the reason if known. It will then be your responsibility to contact your customer to settle any dispute, queries, or matters arising, or outstanding payments. Each transaction must be by mutual ageement of both parties or a charge back/refund may occur until agreement is reached between the card owner and the supplier.


You... Our Clients Using Combo Payway Systems

Will not use the system in any unlawful or illegal purposes. Will not abuse the priviledge of access to our systems. Accept full responsibility for security of personal information relating to customers and their CC details. Indemify Combo Marketing against any loss or damage arising in any way from any loss from any transaction for any reason. Charge back or otherwise. You will indemify Combo Marketing Ltd from any damages through loss or disclosure of personal customer information. You acknowledge that Combo Marketing Ltd gives no warranty on the validity of a CC or the identity of any person using or presenting a Credit Card. You acknowledge that Combo Marketing Ltd is providing a system for secure payment process only.

When processing a transaction you will carefully record as much security information on each transaction as reasonable to avoid fraud and missuse by third parties and/or card holders. Comply with any request by Combo Marketing in relation to any transaction, CC card, or issues of fraud or missuse.

Pay on time any fees set by Combo Marketing or the CC issuer for the purpose of providing this service. 


PayWay Payments. Online Transactions 

Payments from your customer transactions online are paid through your Combo PayWay Account and the following shall apply. Any back charges actioned by your CCard Issuer or Bank for whatever reason are processed first. Then all credits you request for your customers are processed next. Then the remaining balances are processed and credited to your account. (Minus any Combo Marketing account balance for all invoices more than 7 days old.)

The benefit of Payway is all records can be viewed and managed from one secure logon point, Combo Control. There are many payment options available online. It is recommended you investigate each option. We are able to provide a service to link into most 3rd party payment systems.


How Are PayWay Funds Transferred?

Funds from your online sales via PayWay are paid by Direct Credit to your nominated bank account.

If your Combo Marketing account is current and up to date. (Zero balance or all invoices are less than 7 days old) Then your CCard payments/credits via PayWay will be transferred in full by Direct Credit minus bank transaction charges by the CC Company as shown in your PayWay Analytics
If you have an amount on your Combo Marketing account which is due, (All invoices 7 Days or more old) the following applies.
eg; Your transaction credits from your PayWay sales on day xx/xx amount to $350-00.
Your outstanding account balance with Combo Marketing is $50-00. This will zero out on the day of transfer.
Direct Credit transfer to your Bank Account on day xx/xx is therefore $300-00.
Your account with Combo Marketing will show a PAYWAY CREDIT TRANSFER in ACCOUNT HISTORY of $50-00 and reflect a zero balance on your account.
The PayWay Credit Transfer will be clearly shown on your ACCOUNT HISTORY screen in COMBO CONTROL for your checking and audit purposes.

Funds from Combo secure bookings and shopping cart orders generally transfer in approx 15 to 20 business days

As the funds are held in a receipt only account for added security, allow at up to 3 business days for the actual funds transfer to appear in your Bank Account from PayWay Analytics.
For added security the history in Payway analytics of a customers personal details and transaction details will be stored and displayed for approximately 12 months then removed from our servers. 


Other payment Systems

Combo Marketing is also qualified and able to setup your online business with secure forms, API's and DPS systems and other payment gateway systems of your choice to deposit CC transactions directly into your own bank.  PLEASE ENQUIRE. There is a charge for setting up an alternative service.


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