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Combo Gold Pro For Total Business Management 

The COMBO GOLD PRO is a powerful application that lets you do many things. It puts ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT at your finger tips. You can use it simply as an online address book or you can use to maintain your entire customer and prospects database. The combination of the CONTACTS MANAGER, EMAIL MARKETING,  CUSTOMER CONTROL AND CASHUP it becomes an even more powerful daily sales management system.

Benefits To Business

  • Fully searchable.
  • Browse your prospects and clients by Last Name or Business Name.
  • Organise contact details for both customers and contacts.
  • Combosoft Cashup gives you even more power!
  • Maintain a database of your products.
  • Send your customers email invoices.
  • Maintain your customer's accounts with a full debits/credits system.
  • Define jobs for your customer to organise notes and invoices.
  • Integrates seamlessly with all of the Combosoft modules.
  • People who sign up to your Mailing List via your website are entered into your Contacts database.
  • Send email promotions to your customers and your contacts seperately or both at the click of your mouse.


This Package fits seamlessly into Combo Control for superior Online Enterprise Management 

Free up your time and take better control when you grab this Combo Gold Pro for business package.



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