Customised Contact Form And Auto Message Archive

Spam Blocker

Next to viruses, spam is unquestionably one of the larger problems facing the internet. It costs millions of dollars in lost bandwidth and productivity every year, not to mention, sheer annoyance.
Letting your customers e-mail you from your website is an absolute necessity for a modern website. But you can protect yourself and greatly reduce spam with your own spam blocked reply form.
A contact form gives your customers a sense of security and professional care when you offer a simple precrafted secure reply form. 

How Can the Combosoft Contact Form Help?

More than just an e-mail form the Combosoft Contact Form means your e-mail address is hidden from spammers. Your visitors are presented with an easy to follow and professional formated form to fill in. Your customers can still e-mail you as easily as ever, SpamBots will leave empty handed, that's the good news.

Message Archiving

Another great benefit of COMBOSOFT CONTACT FORM is the ARCHIVING FEATURE. You can review communications and make sure all enquiries have been dealt with promptly and adequately. You also have a backup copy


The Combosoft Contact Form can be seen on most of our websites listed in our sample PORT FOLIO and our own CONTACT US page shows the multiple subject feature.

The Combo Contact Us enquiry form is ideal for any  WEBSITE DESIGN

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